Friday, November 29, 2019

Have You Confirm These 10 Things From Your Potential Roommate?

Choosing a roommate is a lot similar to choosing a significant other, you need to find someone with whom you can comfortably live and whose habits you really love to adapt because we all know company plays a major role in one's habit, so select the one whose values and lifestyle align with yours.  You can find such person by asking right questions so, prepare the list of question you would like to ask your potential roommate so, to know him/her better and how they prefer to live, so do your homework well for hunting that perfect roommate, so below are the 11 questions Movers and Packers in Kolkata suggesting you so you can choose a great roommate.

1. How You Make A Living?

It's true that a person job can tell us lot about them, that’s why it’s the foremost question one should ask, to know are they 9 to 5 office people, or 6 to 5 service man, no fixed time 24/7 job like doctor. This will help you to know how their day to day is and what you have to see day to day too. Also pay special attention while they are talking about their job as that will give a hint are they happy with their job or thinking to quit, which can create stressful situation for you too later onwards.

2. How Was Your Past Experience?

Ask your potential roommate about their past experience, was that bad or good, its red flag if their tenancy needed on a bad term, there is no need to dig the details just pay attention to the content like how they talk about their roommate, is most of the talks are negative? Is there series of such incidents or such bad incident happened with you only once. Devote your time in selecting the best roommate and for your Move don't worry Packers and Movers in Kolkata will handle it perfectly.

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3. Any Bad Habit?

Before signing a lease together it's must to know that your partner is not use any substance or any illegal drug, if you allergic to any particular thing please talk it out.

4. Are You Engaged?

Obviously there is nothing wrong having partner who is engaged or in a relationship but the problem arise when their better half spend their all time in your apartment it's really frustrating and invasion of privacy. You signed up the for one not for two of course and importantly your utility bills will be high, so avoid future conflicts and talk it out. If you are art student and want help in moving your antiques and crafts safely, then avail professional Packers and Movers in Berhampore help as they know how to secure and pack such fragile and delicate items for a long and tough routes.

5. On Which Thing You Can Spend The Most?

I know its a bit uncomfortable and super awkward to ask them about the financial related question to the person you don't know well, but you have to be blunt because while living together you have to face some major expenses, so to make sure you both are on the same page let's do it. It's #best to ask about their budget if you want to live comfortably  and want to avoid the roommate who shares large space in home and less space in spending’s, then ask this question don't hesitate.

6. How Often You Do Your House Chores?

The common dispute reason between the roommates is related to the house chores, so better to decide and make it clear in advance, ask your potential roommate how often he/she do their chores and what they would like to do, just decide mutually who will do the bathroom, dishes, sweeping and cleaning. You both are sharing the space so decide mutually and peacefully. Thinking to shift your bike from your home to the apartment then what are you waiting for call Movers and Packers Daulatpur Kolkata now.

7. Early Bird or Night Owl?

No body like to get disturb in their normal sleeping hour or in a comfort hour, so ask is your potential roommate is a early bird who loves to play loud music early morning or go to bed early as 8 or 9, these kind of habit can disturb us, if we are not from the same league.

8. Any Pet or Planning To Adopt a Pet?

Not everybody is a pet lover, so if you are the one then ask your roommate too do he/she prefer pet in the house or not. If you are ok, then ask do they need any additional help in handling them. Wanna move your pet safely to a new place, don't worry just avail Movers and Packers Kolkata pet Relocation Services.

9. How You Spend Your Weekends?

You can know someone a lot by knowing their free time habit like if they love to party all day or loves to spend their time at home and how does they jive with your own preferred time pass habit. It also can tell you about their habit.

10. What’s Your Guest Policy?

Is your roommate ok with you if you bring your friends occasionally and same for you, it's better to have a conversation about the frequency of visits to avoid the afterwards conflict.

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