Friday, September 20, 2019

Shield Your Homes From Natural Disaster; Chase The Ways To Land Disaster Free

Have you recently shifted to your new house? Are you worried about the safety of your new house? Are you scared of natural disasters to harm you and your houses?

Don’t worry Packers and Movers in Kolkata will surely help you to safeguard your houses from natural disasters. Well some cities are prone to natural disasters and if you have shifted to one of them then probably you should keep some safety tricks in your mind.

We have no control on natural disasters and its distress but what you can do is to protect ourselves and our property as much as you can. #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata suggest you to primarily take care and secure yourselves in such situations instead of thinking of your home and other things.

But we will tell you some secret things to do during such conditions to save your new home.

How to cushion your home from earthquakes?

If you are shifting to a place that is earthquake prone then make sure to have a strong foundation of your new house. Ask your builder to support walls, chimneys and roof during constructing them.

Also make sure to fix round cornered glasses in windows to avoid any breakage and cracking during earthquake. For expensive appliances like computer and television, connect them more securely with walls so that they don’t fall and break. Don’t use too much of big furniture and appliances as they can fall and can injure you.

Local Packers and Movers Kolkata also suggest you to remove any old or leaning tree near or above your house to increase the safety.

How to safeguard your home from floods?

Floods can cause severe damage to the house so to ensure that your new home is safe from floods you should grow enough trees around your house as it has been proven that trees can help during heavy rains and reduces the chances of flood.

Another thing you can do is to construct small drainage inside house as it will throw the water out very easily. Packers and Movers Kolkata Reviews wants to remind you that there is no perfect way to stop floods but you can surely take a step towards your safety.

How to safeguard your home from hail and ice?

Hailstone damages the entire property in one go. It even can injure you very serious so it is important to be safe during such unfortunate incidents.

Ask your builder to build a hailstone proof roof so as to ensure safety. Top and best movers and packers Kolkata suggest you to give a try to storm shutters for windows to save them as well.

How to safeguard your home from hurricane damage?

Hurricanes can be the wildest natural disaster as it has strong winds, heavy rains and high speed that just shatter your homes and emotions.

Well it is difficult to protect your homes during hurricane but what you can do is to use storm shutters and other simple little steps to protect your new home.

How to shield your home from tornado?

Scientifically it is impossible to make your home tornado proof as such strong winds can surely crash the entire house into debris. So if you are living in a place which is very much prone to tornado or strong winds then make sure that every single part of your house like roof, gates, windows are capable enough to face such winds.

Ease Move in Kolkata suggest you to keep your important documents in a safe very carefully as these winds can take your papers with them which could be a panicking situation for you.

How to cover your home from wildfires?

There is no practical way to protect your home from wildfires but you can take some simple and easy steps to avoid such accidents.

Make sure to keep the grass moist around your house so reduce the chances of sparks. Safe and secure #Top #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata suggest you to keep the debris leaves and other stuff away from your new house.

Packers and Movers in Kolkata suggest you to firstly take care of yourself during such natural disasters and also help other people instead of saving your house and things as living things are much more important than non-living things but yes these steps will help you out in those stressed timings.

Some very quick things to keep as being safe during such acts are:
  1. Keep a fire extinguisher inside the house.
  2. Keep your important documents in a waterproof box.
  3. Keep flammable liquids away from your house.
  4. Fix expensive appliances carefully or else keep them on floors.
  5. Check your home drainage regularly.

So these are some easy tips and tricks which will help you in protecting your home from natural disasters. Packers and movers Kolkata reminds you that no trick or tips can 100% save your home as natural disasters are uncontrollable and so their damage is.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Which Is Better To Move Into New Or To Extend The Old?

There are tons of reasons where you think “we need more space in our house" it can be because of growing family, visiting friends and relatives or perhaps you would like to have a separate space for your home business.

On a financial aspect deciding whether to move in new house or to extend the old one is bit difficult but the answer is clear you live in a flat and want to have a more space or want to shift to a new locality, you only have to consider moving cost, for removal quotes you can contact Local Packers and Movers Kolkata too.

Extension will add value and space to your home but still cost is to be consider though. It’s important to know which option will benefit you the most and for that #PackersandMoversKolkata have put together the pros and cons, so to make the right decision.

According the survey 41% people will prefer to have extension rather than move to new house and other 35% believe in moving and remaining 24% are unsure. This is may be because people normally resist the changes and prefer the place they are living in from years from the security point of view and awareness about the surrounding, but in the end it’s all depend on you.

Is It Better To Move Into New?

“For some people it is not sensible to extend” take an example- you have 3 bedrooms house worth around 25 Lakh and if you extend it around 300 square feet, that might cost you around 3 lakh 50 thousand to 5 Lakh. It’s worthy to invest much only if you willing to stay for a long period but if you already have planned for shifting in the near future then no need to invest any money will be the best option.
  • Of course moving is also not a cost friendly option it involves, stamp duty, broker charges, dealers and many ancillary expense to acquire a household property in the moving cost don’t also forget to add cost of selling your old house like cost you have incurred for it's advertisement, broker, improvement extra, but do you know you can save a lot if you hire professional and reasonable Movers for your moving just like Packers and Movers Kolkata.
  • If we estimated cost of moving then it will goes like this:
  • For property survey it will be around Rs 50,000
  • Conveyance will be around Rs 5,000 to 7,000.
  • Estate agents will be around Rs 90,000 to 1,80,000.
  • Stamp duty will be 10% of the purchase cost.
  • Removal Company charges which will vary according to the distance and hour.
  • Cost of deposit which can be 5% or 20% of the cost of purchase.

Considering above the factors you have to estimate the overall expenses you have to incur for moving in new home. Also while moving to a new home don’t put your goods in danger, save them from uncertainties by availing Top Packers and Movers Kolkata Insurance services.

Is It Better To Extend?

Off course extending on your home is a cost effective option but that is depend on the number of factors, it is not always fixed that extension will pay you back. The Location and Demand of your property plays a vital role while selling any property and guarantee that your addition will definitely pay you back. In India people think adding a shop will be more financially feasible to there house. Ya! You have lot to do, so leave your packing and moving work in the reliable and experienced Packers and Movers Kolkata hand.

House cost for an extension vastly depends of location, size and the type of extension you are planning for. Sometimes it is more sensible to extend rather than buying because cost of purchasing a new house is more than cost of building, but also you have to see the potential of getting back what you have invested like for an case if you have 4 bedroom with no parking or garden or a house with large living space and small bedrooms than in such case selling your property could face some problems, so even if you thinking to spend a lot of years there don't spend much on extension.
Cost involved when you dealing in extension project:
  • Property survey will take around 15,000 to 21,000.
  • Planning permission will cost around 25,000.
  • Extension per square meter will cost around 75,000 to 85,000.
  • Architect fees will be 5 to 10% of extension cost.

Before you begin with extension project you have to get permission for it unless you have single storey.  Also cost may vary according to the state so be sure to aware yourself with the state law before you extend. While considering the cost of extension add the monthly rent you have to pay for shifting to a new place for a temporary period till your house get completed. For your household shifting if you require any help you can ask for it from Packers and Movers in Kolkata.


Extension is a easy and cost effective option which save you from selling and buying hectic’s but if you not planning to stay at your house for a longer period then don't invest.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Turning To A New Home; Must Knew These Tips To Pull Your Security Bond Back Fully

Whether you’re living an apartment or in a house rented; it’s legally suggested to take some security amount from the renter as a bond and also making it on legal paper with some terms and conditions for the renter so during your journey and after you’re living it everything will be counted including the damages, fines and etc. and thus this will all be deducted from your security bond. 

But remember if it’s your own house then obviously security term will not exist for you; however with some situation or condition if you’re planning to sell your house and buy in different location then Packers and Movers Kolkata will advise you to just pack-up your household stuffs and start your life with new hope and surrounding without worrying about your property sale and money unless if you need it like badly. Many people we’ve seen selling their houses and thus buying some small house due to loan, medical cases or sometimes with different reasons. But if decided to move then Movers and Packers in Kolkata will suggest you to keep clam for few months until you get free from basic work and now can arrange an occasion ceremony or can find a right buyer to right price. Because selling in hurry can harm you as the buyer will try to negotiate as much your house values and thus he’ll earn profit and you’ll get loss. So stay calm for few months or even weeks until that make sure to be in contact with top brokers to find right buyer with right price quotation.

Okay so coming back to the point if living on rent; your landlord will definitely pay back the whole bond amount only when you’ve not destruction, destroys and illegal activity and police meetings during the time you live there; because everything is counted in this bond or else can be change according to the custom follow there. 

Top and professional packers and movers in Kolkata will tell you the things which you should must do before leaving your rented house to get the fully bond back.

Local Packers And Movers Kolkata

Things to do before walking-out from rental house

Here, are the real, practical points to focus on if you really want your security bond back fully.

1. Must inspect your rental contract

Local Packers and Movers Kolkata recommends you to go through your contract papers for once, to know up to when it’s over. Shifting to house can be planned to any date of any month, but what if you’re contract has a limit for few more months or up to the next month or even its ending in the same month or tomorrow. Anything can happen so household shifting services in Kolkata suggest you to inspect your rental contract paper to know when it’s ending and if ending too late or fast immediately contact to your landlords or the broker through which you came. Clear the things make them be aware you’ll be shifting so that before you shift they could easily arrange someone else to live. Because many times your laziness and careless behavior landlords indeed get angry and can deduct some amount from your security bond even a complete month rent because you haven’t mention them before. So make sure you notice them as well the broker too.

2. Pay the entire remaining utility bills

Of course the landlord is not gonna pay your bills or else he will just deduct from the bond and even can make a complaint against you; now this will directly affects your repudiation and also with any legal complaint against you it will be hard to find a job, house in good area and in good company. After all police verification has been in both the cases. So better is to pay your remaining bills.

3. Heal the illness and wounds

 If you’ve broken or damage any wall, furniture or shelves in house then please make them heal on time, before the landlord refuse to pay the entire security bond and thus charge you back for some extra if needed. Movers and Packers in Kolkata will suggest you to review the house, see the damages even to lights, fans, windows, pipes, ceiling and floors. Make them get heal on time which don’t disturb you while packing and moving. Also make sure if any of the wound was already present before you arrive and not done by you then intimate the landlord about such immediately at the right moment to avoid any confusion on the leaving day. any of time you feel any items if got damaged because of its years of use not your mistake then immediately make this get notice to your landlord and must take an image and send them for a proof; so that they won’t charge this from you.

Also clean the complete house or apartment before leaving, as getting it ready for someone else like now you’re moving again.

4. Take off your wholly possessions

Do not left any of the furniture piece or item in house if it’s your, leave it if it’s not yours. A very simple and clear strategy Packers and Movers in Kolkata will want you to follow.

What to do when your landlord refuse to pay fully?

If you’ve done some damages or work against the norms set on the contract paper and yet don’t time to heal it or cover it; because of moving then make a settlement with your landlord. Obviously he will deduct some amount but when it’s your mistake then it’s your loss.

What if your landlord is not ready to even negotiate, then it’s time to take some legal measures.

Write a demand letter: set up your demands, detail the reasons must specify that you both are unable to reach any conclusion so this way has been done.

Take this issue to court: every city has small courts where little arguments are get solved legally when two people are just unable to reach any conclusion and decision favorable to both. You can reach there if your landlord if refusing you to pay your security bond back fully or half deducting the damages cost.