Thursday, March 18, 2021

Packers And Movers Kolkata Ways To Relocate Plants In New Home Via Car

There are few things that we have nervous about moving it can be your precious imported plant when I was moving my orchid plant from one place to another place, this is the first plant which is managed to stay intact or you can say alive for 6 months, you can understand my anxiety how I am going to make it travel in my car between the moving boxes will it able to hold 24 hour travel or not, I was an rookie not had enough knowledge about #moving in car and #top of that how to move a plant in it.

Packing and moving by car is tough and adding some of your sensitive belonging into it is even harder. But unless you are planning to leave behind your plant you have to figure out a way for #transporting your plant safely and efficiently to your new home.

There are few tips which I learnt From my moving experience and gonna share this with you today through this Kolkata Packers and Movers guide.

Create an inventory:

You can't just load the plant in the back seat like you can do with the remaining packing material you have to plan before you load them. See what you have in your garden prepare a inventory of plant you wanna bring along. Depending on your moving vehicle you are little restricted on your inventory items. There is high chance that you have to leave behind some outdoor, huge or tall plant. Firstly figure out what you wanna move then get specifics of moving them.

Look at the laws:

See where you are heading doesn’t have any type of restriction or law on bringing a particular plant, to see the details check out the state site or try to search online. Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata have required material for relocating your belongings safely to the destination.

Local Packers And Movers Kolkata


New home for remaining plants:

It's sad to leave your plant behind but we can’t leave them to wither or die, if your neighbour friend or family is happy to give shelter to the plants you are not able to shift then call them you can also ask #local hospital, nursery and old age home do they accept plants.

How to prepare your plants:

Try to keep up the with routine like watering them on time, feed them if required, trim off dead leaves or branches. Try to put some extra effort before your move because the healthier plant can survive this relocation period successfully, so following the normal routine on pace can keep them energetic and help them to fight the Relocation stress. If you are planning to move tall and outdoor plants too you better take professionals help, Packers and Movers in Kolkata helps in plant relocation too, whether for long distance or for short.

Gather some supplies:

Boxes are not only great for moving your household goods but for moving your plants too, by boxing them up you can safe your car from dirt spilling also pack small and medium plant together but for large one choose one box per plant. Remember when you bought the plant only their roots were wrapped in polybag or by other mean, follow the same you only need base to jeep soil and roots intact you don't mean to pack the whole plant.

For keeping your plant sturdy during the transportation use some padding between the spaces of individual pot, so they won't knock each other during the travel. Wanna know more awesome moving tips check out Packers and Movers site.

How to load them up.

Your plant should be the last thing you load in your car, make sure they have access to sunlight but not direct, also don't put anything over them or in as lacking way near them which can trip over. If you are moving during summer make sure you water them on #moving day but enough don't overload them because doing that can ruin the moving box and will make the plant heavy as well and can lead to some pest as moisture will not escape. During winter stop watering the plant 2 days before the move because moisture and cold waves are the bad mixture for plant's life.

Be mindful:

After loading your plant on car you can’t just forget them see them time to time, don't turn on the A.C or heater on full try to keep the temperature comfortable as much as you can.

After arriving at your new :

Take your plant out of the car as soon as you arrive at your destination, when you feel relaxed find a suitable place where you wanna set what plant dig a trench, and make sure you wet it before putting your plant in there. Also while choosing the site remember to be mindful of sunlight.

If you can't move the plant in your car then either ask professionals to help or move your whole belongings in moving truck you can make it a DIY move or if you are not confident you can ask #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata to help you out.