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Packers And Movers Kolkata Ways To Relocate Plants In New Home Via Car

There are few things that we have nervous about moving it can be your precious imported plant when I was moving my orchid plant from one place to another place, this is the first plant which is managed to stay intact or you can say alive for 6 months, you can understand my anxiety how I am going to make it travel in my car between the moving boxes will it able to hold 24 hour travel or not, I was an rookie not had enough knowledge about #moving in car and #top of that how to move a plant in it.

Packing and moving by car is tough and adding some of your sensitive belonging into it is even harder. But unless you are planning to leave behind your plant you have to figure out a way for #transporting your plant safely and efficiently to your new home.

There are few tips which I learnt From my moving experience and gonna share this with you today through this Kolkata Packers and Movers guide.

Create an inventory:

You can't just load the plant in the back seat like you can do with the remaining packing material you have to plan before you load them. See what you have in your garden prepare a inventory of plant you wanna bring along. Depending on your moving vehicle you are little restricted on your inventory items. There is high chance that you have to leave behind some outdoor, huge or tall plant. Firstly figure out what you wanna move then get specifics of moving them.

Look at the laws:

See where you are heading doesn’t have any type of restriction or law on bringing a particular plant, to see the details check out the state site or try to search online. Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata have required material for relocating your belongings safely to the destination.

Local Packers And Movers Kolkata


New home for remaining plants:

It's sad to leave your plant behind but we can’t leave them to wither or die, if your neighbour friend or family is happy to give shelter to the plants you are not able to shift then call them you can also ask #local hospital, nursery and old age home do they accept plants.

How to prepare your plants:

Try to keep up the with routine like watering them on time, feed them if required, trim off dead leaves or branches. Try to put some extra effort before your move because the healthier plant can survive this relocation period successfully, so following the normal routine on pace can keep them energetic and help them to fight the Relocation stress. If you are planning to move tall and outdoor plants too you better take professionals help, Packers and Movers in Kolkata helps in plant relocation too, whether for long distance or for short.

Gather some supplies:

Boxes are not only great for moving your household goods but for moving your plants too, by boxing them up you can safe your car from dirt spilling also pack small and medium plant together but for large one choose one box per plant. Remember when you bought the plant only their roots were wrapped in polybag or by other mean, follow the same you only need base to jeep soil and roots intact you don't mean to pack the whole plant.

For keeping your plant sturdy during the transportation use some padding between the spaces of individual pot, so they won't knock each other during the travel. Wanna know more awesome moving tips check out Packers and Movers site.

How to load them up.

Your plant should be the last thing you load in your car, make sure they have access to sunlight but not direct, also don't put anything over them or in as lacking way near them which can trip over. If you are moving during summer make sure you water them on #moving day but enough don't overload them because doing that can ruin the moving box and will make the plant heavy as well and can lead to some pest as moisture will not escape. During winter stop watering the plant 2 days before the move because moisture and cold waves are the bad mixture for plant's life.

Be mindful:

After loading your plant on car you can’t just forget them see them time to time, don't turn on the A.C or heater on full try to keep the temperature comfortable as much as you can.

After arriving at your new :

Take your plant out of the car as soon as you arrive at your destination, when you feel relaxed find a suitable place where you wanna set what plant dig a trench, and make sure you wet it before putting your plant in there. Also while choosing the site remember to be mindful of sunlight.

If you can't move the plant in your car then either ask professionals to help or move your whole belongings in moving truck you can make it a DIY move or if you are not confident you can ask #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata to help you out.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Things To Spot While Assessing Moving Contract – Packers And Movers Kolkata

We all are aware from the benefits of hiring a moving company and discussed a quite a lot about how to choose one and what things to consider. A #moving contract is the agreement which legally bound you and your moving company for the fulfilment of job and write down the payment policy and how to handle the matters in the case of breach of contract in short it is the statement outlining the terms and condition of your move.

All professional companies provide moving contract and if your company is not providing one then it's a good excuse for choosing another. Moving contract not only provide security to you but to the company in case any one party withdraw from doing the job and also in the manner discussed before. But before you make yourself liable for the fulfilment by signing the documents make sure you are signing for good, some guidelines may very due to different state laws but there are some specific points which everyone should look for when reviewing Moving contract.

Points to pick in moving contract by Packers and Movers are:

1. Description of services taken:

This is the very first para you will find in a moving contract, in this your movers will list down all of the services you are availing from them as well as what you have agreed upon for your final and initial destination. Make sure all of the services you will need or require are listed in that in case you forget something no need to worry you can amend it but the cost of moving will rise. It's best to carry out home survey before you choose any moving company so to get accurate estimation Of the moving #cost for any help regarding moving estimate you can contact Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

2. Scope of services:

It is the timeline of moving events as well as include the place where responsibilities are followed by both the parties. The scope of services will be broken down into a series which is followed one by another example inventorying, packing, loading and unloading and so on. If you are availing only loading and unloading facility then you have to pack your goods before the movers arrive and then movers will load your goods into the loading truck with utmost care. Movers and Packers in Kolkata provides all kind of services full fledged house #relocation services as well as in segments like only #packing, or #loading and #unloading.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

3. Payment procedure:

This will include how you will pay, when, in what terms and what happens if you don't. In verbal communication you only get to know the price but what is included in that price will be known only when you read the contract, this will show you what's is your moving rate hourly or fixed rate, it's really – really important so pay close attention to this clause because once you sign there you are liable to pay the amount written on it.  If you wanna know how things are priced then you better discuss it before the signing process.

4. Duration:

This clause is related to the period for which this contract is valid which is generally till the work is completed. Packers and Movers in Kolkata know how much your goods are dear to you and for moving them without any cause they use updated equipment’s and required moving material.

5. Confidential:

Moving company can't share client details during the term of contract like documents, records or any notes related to the move.

Other moving terms you should aware of:

  • Bill of landing: bill of landing is the contract of moving which you receive on the moving day it will also act as a prove or receipt for moving.
  • Binding estimate: a binding estimate is the price that customer have to pay for the services and you are bound for it, in order to amend the amount moving company have to amend the moving contract and revise it with the customer.
  • Additional charge: this clause contains the list of services or variables that lead to addition in price.  It is not always certain but the depends on future situation for an example of you have taken the packing job and still packing even the movers arrive then that will cost you extra, if you have narrow lane and moving truck is far from your entrance then this will add to extra labour cost. Even this additional services have certain criteria for computing cost so it's better to ask your movers and read the moving contract carefully.
  • Insurance coverage: if you are availing insurance for the move then ask what this insurance will cover in case of damage and how much. #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata provide all type of moving insurance so wanna buy feel free to contact them. Even if you are not availing any insurance services it's better to ask what your moving company will do in case of damage, stole or loss, also read the terms related to the cause of damage cover by them like damage due to natural cause is not covered in claim policy.

Valuation amount: it is the declared value of your belongings and in case old damage the claim amount cannot exceed this valuation amount.

Read Packers and Movers guide for more amazing tips on moving.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Eliminate 9 Horrible Things That Could Happen During A Move – Packers And Movers Kolkata

Horror looks good in movies not in real life, literally it will be a nerve wreaking, stressful and troublesome situation if that movie monster comes in real life, this monstrous situation is impossible in real life but there are some circumstances which can create the same feeling as we are watching the thrill and horror and moving house is a package of such. So shall we look ate the scenarios which can be terrifying as horror movie through this Local Packers and Movers Kolkata guide.

1. Over packing in last minute:

There long list of moving mistake that one can make in moving day and over packing is found one of them. When you see the deadline is coming and #moving day is near, your sentiments get over you and your moving plans stand still. You started packing everything you can and this last minute packing lead to.
  • Additional expenses: you will charged extra for the time your movers were waiting or you while you were still packing up your things. Also if you take extra services you have to pay and the more weight means more moving cost.
  • Delay in the schedules: the time you will be arrived at your station will get delay due to the last minute packing. For Availing moving insurance contact Packers and Movers Kolkata and save your precious goods.
  • Damage: you started packing your goods in hurry and even you don't remember what you placed where and what material you used for what and this can lead to a big damage.
  • Packing material shortage: may be you are already running low in packing material and due to shortage of time you pack your goods in the whatever material you have.

2. Damage to property:

When you are moving out of your old home you want it look flawless as it was and if by accident heavy item is dropped on the floor then your security deposit is gone that's why while moving follow the steps to protect your property from damage by placing cardboard sheets on the floor and use corner protector on sharp edges

3. Furniture doesn't fit:

It's your first step to create a floor plan and #moving checklist which help you what you should pack and take, what you can actually take into your new home, show your progress wanna know how to prepare one read Packers and Movers guide, and if you fail to create a floor plan which compares your goods with the measurement of new home hallways, doors, stair and room area then you probably going to face a situation where your good is not passing through anything. And this will lead to wastage of lot’s of time, efforts and off course lot's of money.

And if you stuck in one try to move your goods through window or dismantle it as much as possible.

Top Packers And Movers Kolkata

4. Issues with moving truck:

If you failed in computing the right size truck for your goods then you will get delay in the whole moving process.

If moving truck face any problem during the #transportation then your goods may have to shift into another Vehicle which can lead to damage also.

5. Lost your goods:

If you haven't search well about your moving company then may have to face the loss of your precious goods, so search well before you hire any moving company and know what are the traits of trustworthy moving company through Packers and Movers Kolkata guide. Also check twice that everything is packed well and nothing is left.

6. Movers don't show up:

You are all ready and waiting for your mover, its been 1 hr then 2 then 3 but still no trace of movers you tried to call them and may be they have valid reason or no body is picking up your phone, lot's of time is wasted your whole organization came to such chaos. But don't depress search wait for movers and if they are fraud then call the second #mover on your list.

7. No elevator:

If you forget to book elevator on time and your apartment is on 5th floor then #moving all the heavy items by your own will be drastic and if you take movers help then you may have to pay some extra. So remember to book your elevator on time if you live in other than ground floor.

8. Damaged items:

This is most common situation which can terrorize as, that's why #packing our goods well is must:
  1. So for packing read more tips and tricks regarding it like check out Movers and Packers guides and also read Avoid This Expensive Moving Mistake At Any Cost.
  2. Use quality materials.
  3. Watch over the professional works.
  4. Label your goods very well, use number system and sign like HANDLE WITH CARE.
  5. For sharply edges use corner protectors.
  6. Never overload and follow the sequence of heavier item then lighter.
  7. While loading check everything is loaded well and securely. The items which should be tie are tied with the rope.
  8. And also click pictures of goods so to compare the same when your goods are shipped by Movers and your properties already damaged things to save yourself from landlord claims.

9. Late delivery:

If because of any circumstance your shipment is late then it's must to prepare or such situation in advance and that's why we suggest for preparing Essential Moving box and know how to prepare the one with the help of #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata which contains all the required items related to you and your family so you can comfortably live 1 or 2 week without your shipment. Also check twice the number and address of your mover so to know they can answers you clearly in the case of any problem.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Know The Fact Of Moving – What You Lose And What You Get When Moving To Another Place

This topic brings a lot of energy to think and research about the moving, this is something not fake but this is something to be very real and truth. Packers and Movers in Kolkata advise you to think about the topic very seriously. When moving and leaving a place there’re many things which you gain and lose, with lots of pressure and stress over your head you’re unable to judge it but later realize it. If you’re the one who hasn’t moved yet then you’re here on the right time read it completely and find out what you lose and what you gain.

Definitely when #moving to other place you you’re gaining a new life, a new beginning, new friends and many new things but apart from this too you earn the things and you lose too. The moment you’re getting ready to step out, its crucial to be aware of the #most important things which you’re going to gain and lose at a direct result of shifting a house. #Packing and #shifting a house is a major event but it’s a bound to create and introduce many significant changes in a person’s life. As always, these changes will be better for you and somewhere can be worse for you.

What you drop when moving a house?

Let’s just get started with the top 3 things that you’re probably likely to drop when moving to a new house – covered by Movers and Packers in Kolkata.

1. Sanity

The objective of #moving is very clear – organizing and settling the new house is a lot of work to do with. Stepping in to a new house is an insanely busy and hassle full period that can shake you throughout from bottom to #top. The major point is – moving seems very easy and happy time but it’s not the reality; lot of tasks are there to be performed and to finish within a day because this may affect your job lifestyle from the next day. Setting the washroom, bedroom and kitchen is very essential to have a basic and simple stress-free life and morning the next day. If you’re one having fixed job, then next morning can be very tough for you if everything is not on right place. So better is to be organized the moment you enter to your house, because once you take rest you lose your energy and motivation to do the task.

2. Sleep

Yes, you’re dropping your sleep, a very clear point to think. Moving can take 1 day, 2 day or some more days; so, definitely your sleep is going to hurt before and after the move with the stress of things. Packers and Movers in Kolkata suggest you to hire the top and professional Movers and Packers Kolkata for best and sleep full move. Before move your stress will be how things will carry on smoothly and how will pack and move whereas after your move, you’ll think about you will re-arrange them all and how will you start your new life. A lot of stress and hassle full things better to have a painkiller that’s the #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata for safe and stress-free move.

3. Money

Everybody know this that moving a house is an expensive process, but its not what you’re being shown. Because moving is expensive but later you realized that the budget gets increased as whether it’s changing the government documents, buying or renting a house in new place in advance, paying the mover is totally going to be a tight and exceed moving cost then the one you think. Clear the doubts with your mover one-to-one; and try to be like a child how asks without thinking about all. Hire the reliable and genuine packers and movers in Kolkata for best and budget proof move.

Local Packers And Movers Kolkata

What you gain when moving a house?

Let’s see the top 3 factors what you gain when moving a house with the top and best household shifting service provider – The Packers and Movers Kolkata.

1. Fresh start

Yes, when shifting to another city or state you get a chance to start your new life as you want with a fresh start. With moving this is something you’re gaining together. Packers and Movers Kolkata truly comprehend that you’re your move has a story, whether you’re moving with a personal reason, family reasons can be there, career or study related reasons can be there; break this story and move with us and get a chance to fresh start your life to a new mode.

2. Experience

With changing the place, you get a new experience like the same you get when changing a company. You’ll learn how to do things by own, how to live, manage and handle the expenses and issues coming in way. So, over an all this step will teach you how to do things by own and how to be self-dependent. Experience your new life with the Top and Safe Packers and Movers Kolkata.

3. Dream lifestyle

The moment you shift to your dream place, you’re free now to live in the way you like and love. You can opt for your dream lifestyle, dream house and can fulfill your dreams. Moving brings lots of happiness and courage to reach towards goal but at the same time it’s can be disadvantageous for you leaving your family, friends and a known environment. Handle it correctly and experience your dream lifestyle with the safe and secure shifting under the shade of packers and movers in Kolkata.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

How To Observe A Perfect Roomie When Relocating To Kolkata?

When you’re relocating to Kolkata for your studies whether UG or PG courses you’ll look for some hostels, flats or even PG’s (as a pain guest) to stay for years, agreed? Well finding a right roof to stay and a right roomie makes everything looks so perfect in your career life and it makes feeling good and relaxed for your family too.

Choosing a roomie or roommate is not easy at first sight, because you cannot judge a person within 5 minutes and decide whether its good or bad. And this is something which is real and a fact.

We’ve seen many cases where students go on a wrong path involve themselves in drugs, smoking, drinking and etc. and at the end they destroy their life and make their parents so depressed. We know that no one plans to do so and this is the truth what makes this happen is – your circle and friends with whom you live and spend your days and nights. They encourage you; they force you to do so and at the end when you realize that it’s wrong for you the time has gone and you’re late to change it. Every parent wants to get secure because being a kid or a little mature person you don’t know who the world is and how they’ll treat you, so the better is be in a line and do not opt wrong paths at any cause. And this is the reason that your friends, surrounding and roommate should be good and understandable to help you all time; and for this your parents make sure to settle you at right place under a right roof. Now as said no one can judge and determine your personality within seconds, after settling down if you feel your roomie is not good make sure to intimate your parents first and then change your room as soon as possible.

Now Packers and Movers in Kolkata wants you to know the reality of big cities and understand why it’s difficult to settle and find at a right place. Normally you can find bad people and negative vibes all around you but with this you can also find a little ratio of good people and positive vibes. Now it’s up to you with whom you want to stay. Movers and Packers in Kolkata will just suggest you to observe the person first not in your area but in your college or institute as well and try to be in the people who are good, intelligent and at the same time they enjoy but in a good way. Try to encircle you in a good vibe and make your future bright.

Now the query is how to find or search for a right roomie in such a big city Kolkata?

Because its not just about having a good vibe all the time, but it’s also required to have hygienic and brave partner and also want a nice living space at the same time. So, let’s just look for the things to do in order to find a perfect roomie with the Top and Best Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

  • Try to reach and connect people where you’re serving, in colleges, office, institutes or anywhere where you work and spend time. Try to reach people ask them about such – because the advantage is you get a partner with, you’ll be working, now this can be a same company during the #transportation time and thus there won’t issues for the timings.
  • Use your social accounts to search or ask people if they’re looking for a flat or roof. Might be you find a perfect choice to stay with and also a partner to share your living expenses. Packers and Movers Kolkata advise you to use these tools to looks for same person #moving in the same situation as you’re. Meet them live, discuss everything, talk about families and decide very wisely.
  • Consider the person with reference, if your friends, family or colleagues are referring for someone think about them, meet them and discuss the things. Because when someone is referring then at least you’ve a mediator and a satisfactory feeling that okay he/she is good or a right person.  
  • Okay even if you make sure to live with someone, go for a background check first, go through their social accounts, find if someone in mutual is there or not, if they’ve asked about them. Or simply just have a one-to-one conversation with the person to know them in deep.
  • Apart from their family background and home town and family, also know about their career background, where they work and other details – says Packers and Movers in Kolkata.
  • Another best option is to look for the people with the same home town, now the benefit is within your city it will be easy you and for family to look for each other family background and know each other well. Also, this won’t be problem for you to live and stay with a person belonging to almost same culture and same home town. This wont even be problematic for your family to trust your safety – say the #top and #professional #movers and #packers in #Kolkata.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How To Ensure A Safe Journey When Shipping In Cold Weather?

Moving and packing is itself not easy to do and when with #moving weather term comes the problems itself gets just double of it. How to deal with weather is a biggest issue now-a-days especially when the winter is in front and we know how bad the winters are coming from last few years. And a high-end safety and precautions are requisite to manage the boxes.

Unfortunately, you cannot handle the weather but fortunately you can handle and manage your moving boxes well with the Top and Best Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

So, without wasting a single minute let’s just look over the ways or methods to ensure the safe journey or high-end protection when shipping in cold weather – with Packers and Movers Kolkata.

Which items needs extra protection from cold weather?

Certain household goods or items needs extra protection during moving and especially in winters, many from them you may have in notice but many from them will be unknown from your directory. Household items are extremely sensitive in cold weather and the extreme variations in weather; stuffs like wood, metal and leather is something which either expands or contract whenever there’s a rapid change in temperature. Other items of household such glasses, plastic, ceramic has a tendency of breaking down with contact to cold. So, in short great care and attention is requisite for such #household items in a cold weather and to make them shield well to fight against the cold – says Movers and Packers in Kolkata.

Devote special attention to these stuffs:

  • Appliances that uses water – Appliances such as washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and etc. can get damage when you forget to defrost them well. Because any moisture content can be freeze when come in touch with low temperature and can damage the appliance.
  • Electronics – Gadgets are very sensitive and delicate in nature when it comes to temperature especially because little fluctuation can result in condensation which may cause high damage or even sometimes short circuit. So, insulate them properly to stay safe from the cold.
  • Furnitures – Whether it’s a wooden furniture, plastic or a glass furniture when coming exposed to extremely low temperature things may break down easily; so, a good and heavy protection is requisite to make them safe. Movers and packers Kolkata suggest you to use furniture blankets to cover the furniture pieces in order to make them safe from cold weather and moisture.
  • Plants – We all know how sensitive plants are, they may get even damage from heavy sunlight then coming in contact with cold weather can even be more dangerous. Hire the Professional and Reliable Packers and Movers Kolkata to make your plants move safely and securely.
Top And Best Packers And Movers Kolkata

How to ensure proper safety when moving in cold weather?

As said insurance and safety is must when moving goods in a cold weather; Packers and Movers in Midnapore is sharing you the ways to ensure the proper safety of goods when moving in a cold weather.

Use professional packing and moving services

For better safety you must hold hands of a professional guide for your move to ensure the complete safety along with insurance. Hire the #Top and #Professional #Movers and #Packers in #Kolkata to have best and safe packing and moving service in all weather conditions. Most of the time, the report says that – winter moves are cheap and affordable due to a smaller number of shifts, many moving companies tend to offer cheap rates during this off-season period starts from October to march. Moving with the Best and Safe Packers and Movers in Kolkata your move gets complete in a cheap and affordable way along with best, safe and hassle-free services, despite the bad weather.

Try to make loading/unloading as short as possible

During the extreme cold weather conditions cardboard boxes can be freeze or melt slightly. So, delaying in the process of loading and unloading can be dangerous for you, so increase your speed or hire the best and fast packers and movers Kolkata to have incredible packing and shifting management. Make sure that moving truck gets parked near or closest to the entrance door, to have clean entry and exit. Also, Movers and Packers in Darjeeling wants to advise you to avoid the time when its raining outside to have better safety experience and even if its not raining then ensure that the footpath or space is free from snow, water and dry to have easy and fast process.

Request for a climate-controlled moving truck

Movers and packers in Kolkata own’s a climate- controlled moving trucks under which your goods are just safe from heavy rains, heat and extreme cold conditions. If not moving with the packers and movers Kolkata then ask your mover to provide you so for a better and safe experience at the end. This really matters for your household stuffs and along with this go for an insurance policy for expensive goods.

Pack with keeping the weather in mind

Winter is not only for extreme cold conditions but it has possible to have heavy rain, snow and cloudy and foggy roads. Better to keep this thing in mind and pack your good accordingly. Try to use waterproof packaging for the expensive and sensitive goods to ensure protection during and after the move gets over – says Packers and Movers Kolkata.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Have You Confirm These 10 Things From Your Potential Roommate?

Choosing a roommate is a lot similar to choosing a significant other, you need to find someone with whom you can comfortably live and whose habits you really love to adapt because we all know company plays a major role in one's habit, so select the one whose values and lifestyle align with yours.  You can find such person by asking right questions so, prepare the list of question you would like to ask your potential roommate so, to know him/her better and how they prefer to live, so do your homework well for hunting that perfect roommate, so below are the 11 questions Movers and Packers in Kolkata suggesting you so you can choose a great roommate.

1. How You Make A Living?

It's true that a person job can tell us lot about them, that’s why it’s the foremost question one should ask, to know are they 9 to 5 office people, or 6 to 5 service man, no fixed time 24/7 job like doctor. This will help you to know how their day to day is and what you have to see day to day too. Also pay special attention while they are talking about their job as that will give a hint are they happy with their job or thinking to quit, which can create stressful situation for you too later onwards.

2. How Was Your Past Experience?

Ask your potential roommate about their past experience, was that bad or good, its red flag if their tenancy needed on a bad term, there is no need to dig the details just pay attention to the content like how they talk about their roommate, is most of the talks are negative? Is there series of such incidents or such bad incident happened with you only once. Devote your time in selecting the best roommate and for your Move don't worry Packers and Movers in Kolkata will handle it perfectly.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

3. Any Bad Habit?

Before signing a lease together it's must to know that your partner is not use any substance or any illegal drug, if you allergic to any particular thing please talk it out.

4. Are You Engaged?

Obviously there is nothing wrong having partner who is engaged or in a relationship but the problem arise when their better half spend their all time in your apartment it's really frustrating and invasion of privacy. You signed up the for one not for two of course and importantly your utility bills will be high, so avoid future conflicts and talk it out. If you are art student and want help in moving your antiques and crafts safely, then avail professional Packers and Movers in Berhampore help as they know how to secure and pack such fragile and delicate items for a long and tough routes.

5. On Which Thing You Can Spend The Most?

I know its a bit uncomfortable and super awkward to ask them about the financial related question to the person you don't know well, but you have to be blunt because while living together you have to face some major expenses, so to make sure you both are on the same page let's do it. It's #best to ask about their budget if you want to live comfortably  and want to avoid the roommate who shares large space in home and less space in spending’s, then ask this question don't hesitate.

6. How Often You Do Your House Chores?

The common dispute reason between the roommates is related to the house chores, so better to decide and make it clear in advance, ask your potential roommate how often he/she do their chores and what they would like to do, just decide mutually who will do the bathroom, dishes, sweeping and cleaning. You both are sharing the space so decide mutually and peacefully. Thinking to shift your bike from your home to the apartment then what are you waiting for call Movers and Packers Daulatpur Kolkata now.

7. Early Bird or Night Owl?

No body like to get disturb in their normal sleeping hour or in a comfort hour, so ask is your potential roommate is a early bird who loves to play loud music early morning or go to bed early as 8 or 9, these kind of habit can disturb us, if we are not from the same league.

8. Any Pet or Planning To Adopt a Pet?

Not everybody is a pet lover, so if you are the one then ask your roommate too do he/she prefer pet in the house or not. If you are ok, then ask do they need any additional help in handling them. Wanna move your pet safely to a new place, don't worry just avail Movers and Packers Kolkata pet Relocation Services.

9. How You Spend Your Weekends?

You can know someone a lot by knowing their free time habit like if they love to party all day or loves to spend their time at home and how does they jive with your own preferred time pass habit. It also can tell you about their habit.

10. What’s Your Guest Policy?

Is your roommate ok with you if you bring your friends occasionally and same for you, it's better to have a conversation about the frequency of visits to avoid the afterwards conflict.

Wanna move your goods safely and securely from your home to your apartment or P.G get it done through the help of professional #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata.