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7 Juncture Which Will Make Or Break Your Downsizing Decision- Office Edition

Motive for this cumbersome downsizing process can be for achieving a reduction in working expenses or #moving closer to a job worker factory or moving closer to corporate market, whatever your goal behind the downsizing planning will decide 75% of the outcome.

So while planning avoid these 7 mistakes and save your business from great pain on record.

Incorporate current and long term priorities in your plan.

While selecting a new place for office most organization fail’s to bifurcate and understand the long term priorities over current one, but this process in not for your today it's for your business future as well and once assimilate both at one place you are #moving towards long term growth.

Even for your expanding team you can still can go for downsizing to smaller space as hybrid work culture is becoming part of new business era check out more about hybrid work culture on #Packers and #Movers website. But adjusting and working out on a less space is allowable rather than sacrificing the technical aid, employee needs and business perks, so expand your business by  focusing on space layout, budget, growth, customer and supplier reachability and technical requirements.

Rigidness in moving out of traditionalways.

Who don't wanna find out the best of all, a best serviced office space within your approved budget. Many people fall in lower #cost trap and think this is the best and choose a traditional office set- up because they are unaware of alternatives or too rigid to change.

As a business owner you should know the difference between transitional office lease and a flexible office lease. A traditional office will be binding on your business in case you are #shifting or merging or even didn't not like the lessor behavior still you have to bear it till the end of lease or pay heavy charges.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

Failure in incorporating all expenses.

Downsizing or moving to a new place it's a beginning of new transition for owner, but during this transition owner should not compromise in incorporating all the expenses associated with the new office space, they only look at the rent.

Extra mandatory cost which is incidental for running business such as maintenance fee, utilities bill, amenities and extra cost of buying equipment’s or appliances for smooth running of organization  in new place. While avoiding or cutting down the cost make sure you are not signing for more expenses so while relocating your office, plan where it will be a beneficial in hiring a professional Movers and Packers Kolkata rather than hiring no one at all.

Missed to Calculate office space correctly.

Wile searching for a place you shouldn't be restricted to a current situation have a reasonable amount of space in plan as you may require a extra space for your new hires in future so beside leading to a cramping situation for employees or wasting space go for calculating your requirements correctly. Put a base which won't lead you to buy extra desk and not let you fall in situation of subletting the extra space. An ideal space for an employee is 100 feet on an average so while selecting a space calculate your employees need andyour cooperate growth demands. Downsizing can be finely by keeping your storage space at bay means at low space requirement for an example whether for short term or long term downsizing you can consider storage unit for your equipment’s and optional files and you don't have to rush a much Packers and Movers have many warehouse and storage units near Kolkata where you can safely and conveniently store your assets.

Train your management.

During the phase of downsizing take it as an opportunity of training your managers on how to deliver an effective notification meeting, what can potentially happens during the lay off emotions and what after impact it can have in surviving workforce.

Reaching out to surviving workforce is necessary.

Many a times your manager will decline their visibility and communication because avoidance is easier to practice than having no answer to employee questions and how to deal with the emotions. There will be mix feeling for the surviving employee they will feel happy as well as live in fear what if I am the next, at this point of time building trust and motivation is important so communicate and let your employees to express their concern. Workforce is every business valuable asset and strength so, plan in a way which will contribute in your strength building and let your employee know what the cause and how you planned for running the days. Packers and Movers Kolkata are reputable #moving company, packed with qualified team who will make interstate as well as interstate #household #move easy as it can be.

Show how overall business is contributing in cost cutting.

If you are reducing the perquisites or salary of employees show them how you are sacrificing more than you are asking for them, act which demonstrate this sacrifice for an example sell your Benz.

If carefully planned office relocation can be less rummage and error free. So understand what not to do and plan on time accordingly during office relocation require professional assistance then you are just one call away from Packers and Movers Kolkata.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Highway Plan For Nurturing Hybrid Culture In Your Business Environment

After covid hit the world, we human have found new ways of doing things and evolution of hybrid work culture is one of the emergences from that period. Hybrid work culture is a combination of work from outside office premises and inside office premises. Now days companies are adopting and allowing hybrid schedule to their employees in simple this approach combine the #best of remote and in person working culture. If you are planning to combining both of these world in your business then you can follow these highway plan for smooth transition from traditional way of doing work to new way of doing it, but before we move forward with the discussion as a business owner you should know there are various task which can't be initiated without human intervene for an example monitoring of functioning of machinery, testing of product, transportation of raw material to a place of production like in a labour oriented industries, so without wasting much time let's get started with this Packers and Movers Kolkata guide based on Hybrid working culture.

Foremost establish a persistent schedule.

Before you look ahead and start to #move you can't miss planning for smooth transition, by prioritizing the organisational goals and each employee requirements lay down a schedule when employees should work from home and when from office. Below #Packers and #Movers have listed down the type of hybrid work schedule which you can adopt for your organization after considering your needs:

Cohort schedule – have different teams in office, then following this structured hybrid work schedule is your chance, here particular group of employees or team join together on specified date and day and brainstorm the idea and work together.

Flexible schedule- by the name you can guess it's totally flexible employee wanna work from home they can work from home if they wanna work from office then follow the same there is wholesome Flexibility in schedule.

When you shift from offline to hybrid the need for the space becomes relatively less than prior now you can downsize and #safe #cost unless you are calling all your workforce on same day, but shifting is hard and for corporate units it's bit arduous due to delicate assets, don't worry business owner get your right #moving partner at Movers and Packers Kolkata and #move your asset from current to new location smooth as your hybrid plan.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

Lay down healthy boundaries.

Research have highlighted that working from home vanished the line between personal life and professional life therefore setting a timeline and working hours you invest in professional life is important if you are not able to set time for yourself and family then it can lead to depression, anxiety and insomnia also if you indulge in late night working. That's why employer should plan a meeting and schedules keeping in mind the work already disturbed, timeline on hand and setting priorities in projects.

Focal point is business growth and goal.

If your employee are more focused on hours of work they will feel less likely to contribute for the greater worth. So it's employer job to keep their team motivated towards outcomes. Break down and link these goals to the company’s goal and growth, so everyone can see and work for the same goal and will assist you all in justifying everyone work no matter where they are located. Looking for storage units where you can store your mandatory files after downsizing the office then get the job done at your near #Movers and #Packers #Kolkata Storage and warehousing unit.

Adopt to Non synchronous communication.

A simple way of communication where sender sends video, messages or voice mails at a time not synchronized with the receiver time. The sender and receiver need not to be present at the same location and time while communicating process, but there are few points which sender needs to keep in mind.

  • Is this the best format (verbal, video or written) how can I improvise?
  • My communication includes all the necessary content required by recipient?
  • Is my communication powerful enough to avoid any confusion?
  • Is my voice and tone is ok?
  • Is my communication exhaustive enough for receiver to move forward without the further update?
  • Will there be any record in case required in future for reference?
  • Team building is the greatest asset of business.

According to research virtual meetings and breakout sessions will abet in communication and collaboration, especially when face to face meet are not always on schedule. Another perk of virtual meet is that all can join from anywhere from home, office or even during outing. Set your date a d be ready for the corporate interstate move with reputed Packers and Movers Kolkata.

Install right technology.

The foundation of hybrid work culture stands on necessary technology infrastructure on place. Before you implement this system assess your technology stack and be clear about the purpose and appropriateness of each tool. Many companies think’s they are covered by team, google meet and zoom call for a meeting as this is crucial part of hybrid still require a careful consideration in terms of technology support.

Motivate through example.

There should be a clear communication while implementing system so your employee can get their doubts clear and build a better understanding in this new way of doing things. Just like two sides of coin it do have drawbacks but it's benefit outshine all and can be a great partner for every size of companies, oh ya! This reminds me something no matter what your business scale is moving with the right partner will make it less burdensome so call or mail for assistance at #PackersandMovers Kolkata.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Know What Pocket Listing Is Before You Put “For Sale” Sign On Old Home And Move To New

Whether you are selling your home or looking for buying pocket listing is a thing that you should keep in mind while looking for any of these. For successfully marketing your home as a pocket listing or purchase a pocket listing house before it listed on sites, you will need a recognized realtor to make the selling and buying process seamless.

What's pocket listing basically:

Why are we discussing on pocket listing, what makes it different from regular home listing. In a typical listing sellers hire a realtor or listing agent who will list their home on multiple listing sites. This covers mass area and let public know this home is for sale. However in pocket listing when it comes to market listing sites or anywhere online they don't go for that either they go for selected agents who represent qualified buyers or share with potential buyers, basically seller don't want to list it publicly. New in this race of #packing and #moving your stuff then get the tips and tricks from Professional Packers and Movers Kolkata, visit their site now.

Why seller should go for pocket listings:

  1. They are still thinking to sell the home: when home seller is not fully sure to put their home for sale on the market, they will opt for this. In simple they let their realtor know that they are open to sell if right buyer knocks their door.
  2. They want a certain price for sale: if as a home seller you don't willing to sell the home on a negotiation and not set to moving and then prefer this over typical listing. This will also let them know what buyer is willing to pay, in this realtor will let them know only to those who are financial ready to spend in your set price.
  3. Want their privacy: from listing home photos to having stranger tour your home on daily basis, living in “For Sale" home is never that fun. If you wanna avoid stranger’s tour and wanna keep your privacy then opting for pocket listing is your thing.

Good thing about pocket listing for “buyer”

  • Competition will be less: when you are looking for pocket listing houses you don't have to rush for bidding and afraid of selling it out, you can take your time in making the decision.
  • Possibility of buying the house below market price: more demand means more price in the case of property, so when there is less buyers in the row you can sit assure that it will be less than the prevailing market price, but id seller is not set on selling there will very less chance for negotiation. Packers and Movers in Kolkata also help in long distance move.
  • Buying process will be flexible: since seller is following the non traditional way there is high chance they will be flexible regarding dates, furniture and more. So if you wanna know about the mind set of seller there to get the help of realtor during the home buying process.

Good thing about pocket listing for “seller”

Can maintain their privacy: since public posting of house pictures are restricted in this process and no strangers will be walking your hallway you can easily maintain your privacy.

  • They have upper hand: if there is not urgency in selling the house, then buyer make have to agree on your price.
  • Avoid bad reputation: if you post on market selling sites and it sit there for long then it will create a bad reputation regarding the house. Many buyers won't even look at it because they think there is something wrong with it. Opting for pocket listing can save you from this. Move your bike safely from #Kolkata to Chennai with the help of Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

Cons for the “seller"

  1. It may take longer duration: since the house is not on an open market, you may have to wait longer for the right buyer to knock your door. Sold your listed house and even packed your stuffs but hesitating to pack those antique paintings and art piece then don't worry contact Local #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata and take the help from their experienced and skilled team.
  2. Less exposure means less people taking a shot for buying a home. Less competition and bid can lead to less money for the seller.

Cons for the “buyer”

  1. Less negotiation room, many sellers will be ready to negotiate so they don't have to face the hassle of listing it on market site but some may be rigid until they get the price of the house they want, some sellers are just testing what they can get in these.
  2. Since the house is not on the market listing sites, buyer have to visit the home in person and take the photos on their own for record, also you will not be able to compare the photos which are listed on sites with the actual ones.

You just have listed your home on pocket listing and all set to sell and move, then without any delay start your packing task step by step and if you feel to get any professional help then Packers and Movers in Berhampore are always here to assist.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wondering How You Can Safely Move Gym Equipment? Check Out This

Moving is not a load but the things you wanna move are, because if anything happens to your possession during the move you can't settle easily and when it comes to tough moving goods gym equipment falls in it whether it is as simple as yoga mat or as complicated as treadmill, you have to put a care on how to move them safely without hurting them as well as the property. There is right as well as wrong way to move your gym partners and today Packers and Movers in Kolkata will tell you how you can ace it and have a successful move.

First comes first: cleaning and sanitizing:

Cleaning and sanitizing your gym equipment properly is the first thing you have to do while preparing them for a move, this way you can save yourself and your new home from any nasty bacteria and germ for entering in your new home, also cleaning will keep your equipment in #top on looks after the #move.

Packers and Movers in Kolkata suggest.

  1. Wipe down your yoga mate and yoga accessories using paper towels and all purpose cleaner or all natural spray, if you don't wanna try them you can buy a specific cleaner for cleaning your yoga mat.
  2. Thoroughly clean all handrails on the treadmill, weight machine, elliptical and on other workout machine. To clean your gear I suggest you should go for wet wipes or your homemade solution for that mix 50/50 ratio water and vinegar and spray to your equipment.
  3. Wash towels and blankets on a hot water cycle.

 Second: How to move?

For hand weights, barbells and dumbbells.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

Whether you own multiple set of weight plates or few light hand weights it's important to make sure your moving box can handle them successfully. For heavy weight goods we recommend to use smaller boxes rather than stuffing all in one which that will not only make the box really heavy and can also increase the chances of dropping as well as tearing. If you think your cardboard boxes are not that sturdy then it's better to buy or look in your house what can hold them like bag or plastic bin. Get Packing and Moving help from professionals like Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata and leave your worry for a good.

Decided on the boxes now when you pack them wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper so they won't rub against each other and create a scratch or damage the box you can also fill any vacant space with the newspaper balls or old cloths, blankets or towels.

For treadmill.

Moving large equipment is exercise in itself, but using the right technique you can make it less daunting. Thoroughly wipe and unplug your treadmill, make sure all wires are disconnected from the walls. When you are going for lifting find a few helpers and fold and lock it into a place in upright position. Once folded then wrap your treadmill in #moving blanket to avoid any damage.

Treadmills are heavy so for moving it to the moving truck we recommend you get some moving dolly or hand trucks having wheels to make the work the easy, also while lifting it on hand truck or any other moving equipment make sure you know the moving techniques of lifting like don't put any pressure on back lift with your legs, for more details check out #Packers and #Movers guide. Now carefully roll it forward make sure the way is clear and with the help of assistant hoist it up on moving truck.

For elliptical.

Elliptical can be tricky to move than treadmill due to it's bulky shape. Using wrench and screw driver disassemble the elliptical pedals and handlebars, and make sure to keep the screw and bolts in clear and labelled zip lock or any bag. Once it's disassembled it will become light weight and easy to handle, still don't forget to cover it up in moving blanket. Before disassembling make sure you know the steps.

For stationary bike.

People are preferring to have spin at home rather than going out due to many reasons like pollution traffic and suitability of time, thankfully moving them is also that much flexible. If you have electric bike make sure to unplug all the plugs and secure them in one place. Before you move your bike make sure to place something underneath the bicycle to avoid any scratches. Once you gotten the bike to truck with the help of two or three people lift it on the truck, also cover it in moving blanket so to avoid any dust.

For yoga mat.

#Pack your yoga accessories like yoga blocks, towels and gym blankets in a box sturdy enough to handle them till the move is complete. Now roll your yoga mat and secure it with carrying strap to save the space. Also if you can find any box in which it can fit its good but don't forget to cover it up in moving blanket and secure it with strap.

Your friends are not available on the moving day, don't worry get your assistance from Movers and Packers in Hooghly and make your move safe and sound.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Packers And Movers Kolkata Ways To Relocate Plants In New Home Via Car

There are few things that we have nervous about moving it can be your precious imported plant when I was moving my orchid plant from one place to another place, this is the first plant which is managed to stay intact or you can say alive for 6 months, you can understand my anxiety how I am going to make it travel in my car between the moving boxes will it able to hold 24 hour travel or not, I was an rookie not had enough knowledge about #moving in car and #top of that how to move a plant in it.

Packing and moving by car is tough and adding some of your sensitive belonging into it is even harder. But unless you are planning to leave behind your plant you have to figure out a way for #transporting your plant safely and efficiently to your new home.

There are few tips which I learnt From my moving experience and gonna share this with you today through this Kolkata Packers and Movers guide.

Create an inventory:

You can't just load the plant in the back seat like you can do with the remaining packing material you have to plan before you load them. See what you have in your garden prepare a inventory of plant you wanna bring along. Depending on your moving vehicle you are little restricted on your inventory items. There is high chance that you have to leave behind some outdoor, huge or tall plant. Firstly figure out what you wanna move then get specifics of moving them.

Look at the laws:

See where you are heading doesn’t have any type of restriction or law on bringing a particular plant, to see the details check out the state site or try to search online. Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata have required material for relocating your belongings safely to the destination.

Local Packers And Movers Kolkata


New home for remaining plants:

It's sad to leave your plant behind but we can’t leave them to wither or die, if your neighbour friend or family is happy to give shelter to the plants you are not able to shift then call them you can also ask #local hospital, nursery and old age home do they accept plants.

How to prepare your plants:

Try to keep up the with routine like watering them on time, feed them if required, trim off dead leaves or branches. Try to put some extra effort before your move because the healthier plant can survive this relocation period successfully, so following the normal routine on pace can keep them energetic and help them to fight the Relocation stress. If you are planning to move tall and outdoor plants too you better take professionals help, Packers and Movers in Kolkata helps in plant relocation too, whether for long distance or for short.

Gather some supplies:

Boxes are not only great for moving your household goods but for moving your plants too, by boxing them up you can safe your car from dirt spilling also pack small and medium plant together but for large one choose one box per plant. Remember when you bought the plant only their roots were wrapped in polybag or by other mean, follow the same you only need base to jeep soil and roots intact you don't mean to pack the whole plant.

For keeping your plant sturdy during the transportation use some padding between the spaces of individual pot, so they won't knock each other during the travel. Wanna know more awesome moving tips check out Packers and Movers site.

How to load them up.

Your plant should be the last thing you load in your car, make sure they have access to sunlight but not direct, also don't put anything over them or in as lacking way near them which can trip over. If you are moving during summer make sure you water them on #moving day but enough don't overload them because doing that can ruin the moving box and will make the plant heavy as well and can lead to some pest as moisture will not escape. During winter stop watering the plant 2 days before the move because moisture and cold waves are the bad mixture for plant's life.

Be mindful:

After loading your plant on car you can’t just forget them see them time to time, don't turn on the A.C or heater on full try to keep the temperature comfortable as much as you can.

After arriving at your new :

Take your plant out of the car as soon as you arrive at your destination, when you feel relaxed find a suitable place where you wanna set what plant dig a trench, and make sure you wet it before putting your plant in there. Also while choosing the site remember to be mindful of sunlight.

If you can't move the plant in your car then either ask professionals to help or move your whole belongings in moving truck you can make it a DIY move or if you are not confident you can ask #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata to help you out.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Things To Spot While Assessing Moving Contract – Packers And Movers Kolkata

We all are aware from the benefits of hiring a moving company and discussed a quite a lot about how to choose one and what things to consider. A #moving contract is the agreement which legally bound you and your moving company for the fulfilment of job and write down the payment policy and how to handle the matters in the case of breach of contract in short it is the statement outlining the terms and condition of your move.

All professional companies provide moving contract and if your company is not providing one then it's a good excuse for choosing another. Moving contract not only provide security to you but to the company in case any one party withdraw from doing the job and also in the manner discussed before. But before you make yourself liable for the fulfilment by signing the documents make sure you are signing for good, some guidelines may very due to different state laws but there are some specific points which everyone should look for when reviewing Moving contract.

Points to pick in moving contract by Packers and Movers are:

1. Description of services taken:

This is the very first para you will find in a moving contract, in this your movers will list down all of the services you are availing from them as well as what you have agreed upon for your final and initial destination. Make sure all of the services you will need or require are listed in that in case you forget something no need to worry you can amend it but the cost of moving will rise. It's best to carry out home survey before you choose any moving company so to get accurate estimation Of the moving #cost for any help regarding moving estimate you can contact Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

2. Scope of services:

It is the timeline of moving events as well as include the place where responsibilities are followed by both the parties. The scope of services will be broken down into a series which is followed one by another example inventorying, packing, loading and unloading and so on. If you are availing only loading and unloading facility then you have to pack your goods before the movers arrive and then movers will load your goods into the loading truck with utmost care. Movers and Packers in Kolkata provides all kind of services full fledged house #relocation services as well as in segments like only #packing, or #loading and #unloading.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

3. Payment procedure:

This will include how you will pay, when, in what terms and what happens if you don't. In verbal communication you only get to know the price but what is included in that price will be known only when you read the contract, this will show you what's is your moving rate hourly or fixed rate, it's really – really important so pay close attention to this clause because once you sign there you are liable to pay the amount written on it.  If you wanna know how things are priced then you better discuss it before the signing process.

4. Duration:

This clause is related to the period for which this contract is valid which is generally till the work is completed. Packers and Movers in Kolkata know how much your goods are dear to you and for moving them without any cause they use updated equipment’s and required moving material.

5. Confidential:

Moving company can't share client details during the term of contract like documents, records or any notes related to the move.

Other moving terms you should aware of:

  • Bill of landing: bill of landing is the contract of moving which you receive on the moving day it will also act as a prove or receipt for moving.
  • Binding estimate: a binding estimate is the price that customer have to pay for the services and you are bound for it, in order to amend the amount moving company have to amend the moving contract and revise it with the customer.
  • Additional charge: this clause contains the list of services or variables that lead to addition in price.  It is not always certain but the depends on future situation for an example of you have taken the packing job and still packing even the movers arrive then that will cost you extra, if you have narrow lane and moving truck is far from your entrance then this will add to extra labour cost. Even this additional services have certain criteria for computing cost so it's better to ask your movers and read the moving contract carefully.
  • Insurance coverage: if you are availing insurance for the move then ask what this insurance will cover in case of damage and how much. #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata provide all type of moving insurance so wanna buy feel free to contact them. Even if you are not availing any insurance services it's better to ask what your moving company will do in case of damage, stole or loss, also read the terms related to the cause of damage cover by them like damage due to natural cause is not covered in claim policy.

Valuation amount: it is the declared value of your belongings and in case old damage the claim amount cannot exceed this valuation amount.

Read Packers and Movers guide for more amazing tips on moving.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Eliminate 9 Horrible Things That Could Happen During A Move – Packers And Movers Kolkata

Horror looks good in movies not in real life, literally it will be a nerve wreaking, stressful and troublesome situation if that movie monster comes in real life, this monstrous situation is impossible in real life but there are some circumstances which can create the same feeling as we are watching the thrill and horror and moving house is a package of such. So shall we look ate the scenarios which can be terrifying as horror movie through this Local Packers and Movers Kolkata guide.

1. Over packing in last minute:

There long list of moving mistake that one can make in moving day and over packing is found one of them. When you see the deadline is coming and #moving day is near, your sentiments get over you and your moving plans stand still. You started packing everything you can and this last minute packing lead to.
  • Additional expenses: you will charged extra for the time your movers were waiting or you while you were still packing up your things. Also if you take extra services you have to pay and the more weight means more moving cost.
  • Delay in the schedules: the time you will be arrived at your station will get delay due to the last minute packing. For Availing moving insurance contact Packers and Movers Kolkata and save your precious goods.
  • Damage: you started packing your goods in hurry and even you don't remember what you placed where and what material you used for what and this can lead to a big damage.
  • Packing material shortage: may be you are already running low in packing material and due to shortage of time you pack your goods in the whatever material you have.

2. Damage to property:

When you are moving out of your old home you want it look flawless as it was and if by accident heavy item is dropped on the floor then your security deposit is gone that's why while moving follow the steps to protect your property from damage by placing cardboard sheets on the floor and use corner protector on sharp edges

3. Furniture doesn't fit:

It's your first step to create a floor plan and #moving checklist which help you what you should pack and take, what you can actually take into your new home, show your progress wanna know how to prepare one read Packers and Movers guide, and if you fail to create a floor plan which compares your goods with the measurement of new home hallways, doors, stair and room area then you probably going to face a situation where your good is not passing through anything. And this will lead to wastage of lot’s of time, efforts and off course lot's of money.

And if you stuck in one try to move your goods through window or dismantle it as much as possible.

Top Packers And Movers Kolkata

4. Issues with moving truck:

If you failed in computing the right size truck for your goods then you will get delay in the whole moving process.

If moving truck face any problem during the #transportation then your goods may have to shift into another Vehicle which can lead to damage also.

5. Lost your goods:

If you haven't search well about your moving company then may have to face the loss of your precious goods, so search well before you hire any moving company and know what are the traits of trustworthy moving company through Packers and Movers Kolkata guide. Also check twice that everything is packed well and nothing is left.

6. Movers don't show up:

You are all ready and waiting for your mover, its been 1 hr then 2 then 3 but still no trace of movers you tried to call them and may be they have valid reason or no body is picking up your phone, lot's of time is wasted your whole organization came to such chaos. But don't depress search wait for movers and if they are fraud then call the second #mover on your list.

7. No elevator:

If you forget to book elevator on time and your apartment is on 5th floor then #moving all the heavy items by your own will be drastic and if you take movers help then you may have to pay some extra. So remember to book your elevator on time if you live in other than ground floor.

8. Damaged items:

This is most common situation which can terrorize as, that's why #packing our goods well is must:
  1. So for packing read more tips and tricks regarding it like check out Movers and Packers guides and also read Avoid This Expensive Moving Mistake At Any Cost.
  2. Use quality materials.
  3. Watch over the professional works.
  4. Label your goods very well, use number system and sign like HANDLE WITH CARE.
  5. For sharply edges use corner protectors.
  6. Never overload and follow the sequence of heavier item then lighter.
  7. While loading check everything is loaded well and securely. The items which should be tie are tied with the rope.
  8. And also click pictures of goods so to compare the same when your goods are shipped by Movers and your properties already damaged things to save yourself from landlord claims.

9. Late delivery:

If because of any circumstance your shipment is late then it's must to prepare or such situation in advance and that's why we suggest for preparing Essential Moving box and know how to prepare the one with the help of #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata which contains all the required items related to you and your family so you can comfortably live 1 or 2 week without your shipment. Also check twice the number and address of your mover so to know they can answers you clearly in the case of any problem.