Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Know What Pocket Listing Is Before You Put “For Sale” Sign On Old Home And Move To New

Whether you are selling your home or looking for buying pocket listing is a thing that you should keep in mind while looking for any of these. For successfully marketing your home as a pocket listing or purchase a pocket listing house before it listed on sites, you will need a recognized realtor to make the selling and buying process seamless.

What's pocket listing basically:

Why are we discussing on pocket listing, what makes it different from regular home listing. In a typical listing sellers hire a realtor or listing agent who will list their home on multiple listing sites. This covers mass area and let public know this home is for sale. However in pocket listing when it comes to market listing sites or anywhere online they don't go for that either they go for selected agents who represent qualified buyers or share with potential buyers, basically seller don't want to list it publicly. New in this race of #packing and #moving your stuff then get the tips and tricks from Professional Packers and Movers Kolkata, visit their site now.

Why seller should go for pocket listings:

  1. They are still thinking to sell the home: when home seller is not fully sure to put their home for sale on the market, they will opt for this. In simple they let their realtor know that they are open to sell if right buyer knocks their door.
  2. They want a certain price for sale: if as a home seller you don't willing to sell the home on a negotiation and not set to moving and then prefer this over typical listing. This will also let them know what buyer is willing to pay, in this realtor will let them know only to those who are financial ready to spend in your set price.
  3. Want their privacy: from listing home photos to having stranger tour your home on daily basis, living in “For Sale" home is never that fun. If you wanna avoid stranger’s tour and wanna keep your privacy then opting for pocket listing is your thing.

Good thing about pocket listing for “buyer”

  • Competition will be less: when you are looking for pocket listing houses you don't have to rush for bidding and afraid of selling it out, you can take your time in making the decision.
  • Possibility of buying the house below market price: more demand means more price in the case of property, so when there is less buyers in the row you can sit assure that it will be less than the prevailing market price, but id seller is not set on selling there will very less chance for negotiation. Packers and Movers in Kolkata also help in long distance move.
  • Buying process will be flexible: since seller is following the non traditional way there is high chance they will be flexible regarding dates, furniture and more. So if you wanna know about the mind set of seller there to get the help of realtor during the home buying process.

Good thing about pocket listing for “seller”

Can maintain their privacy: since public posting of house pictures are restricted in this process and no strangers will be walking your hallway you can easily maintain your privacy.

  • They have upper hand: if there is not urgency in selling the house, then buyer make have to agree on your price.
  • Avoid bad reputation: if you post on market selling sites and it sit there for long then it will create a bad reputation regarding the house. Many buyers won't even look at it because they think there is something wrong with it. Opting for pocket listing can save you from this. Move your bike safely from #Kolkata to Chennai with the help of Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

Cons for the “seller"

  1. It may take longer duration: since the house is not on an open market, you may have to wait longer for the right buyer to knock your door. Sold your listed house and even packed your stuffs but hesitating to pack those antique paintings and art piece then don't worry contact Local #Packers and #Movers #Kolkata and take the help from their experienced and skilled team.
  2. Less exposure means less people taking a shot for buying a home. Less competition and bid can lead to less money for the seller.

Cons for the “buyer”

  1. Less negotiation room, many sellers will be ready to negotiate so they don't have to face the hassle of listing it on market site but some may be rigid until they get the price of the house they want, some sellers are just testing what they can get in these.
  2. Since the house is not on the market listing sites, buyer have to visit the home in person and take the photos on their own for record, also you will not be able to compare the photos which are listed on sites with the actual ones.

You just have listed your home on pocket listing and all set to sell and move, then without any delay start your packing task step by step and if you feel to get any professional help then Packers and Movers in Berhampore are always here to assist.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wondering How You Can Safely Move Gym Equipment? Check Out This

Moving is not a load but the things you wanna move are, because if anything happens to your possession during the move you can't settle easily and when it comes to tough moving goods gym equipment falls in it whether it is as simple as yoga mat or as complicated as treadmill, you have to put a care on how to move them safely without hurting them as well as the property. There is right as well as wrong way to move your gym partners and today Packers and Movers in Kolkata will tell you how you can ace it and have a successful move.

First comes first: cleaning and sanitizing:

Cleaning and sanitizing your gym equipment properly is the first thing you have to do while preparing them for a move, this way you can save yourself and your new home from any nasty bacteria and germ for entering in your new home, also cleaning will keep your equipment in #top on looks after the #move.

Packers and Movers in Kolkata suggest.

  1. Wipe down your yoga mate and yoga accessories using paper towels and all purpose cleaner or all natural spray, if you don't wanna try them you can buy a specific cleaner for cleaning your yoga mat.
  2. Thoroughly clean all handrails on the treadmill, weight machine, elliptical and on other workout machine. To clean your gear I suggest you should go for wet wipes or your homemade solution for that mix 50/50 ratio water and vinegar and spray to your equipment.
  3. Wash towels and blankets on a hot water cycle.

 Second: How to move?

For hand weights, barbells and dumbbells.

Packers And Movers Kolkata

Whether you own multiple set of weight plates or few light hand weights it's important to make sure your moving box can handle them successfully. For heavy weight goods we recommend to use smaller boxes rather than stuffing all in one which that will not only make the box really heavy and can also increase the chances of dropping as well as tearing. If you think your cardboard boxes are not that sturdy then it's better to buy or look in your house what can hold them like bag or plastic bin. Get Packing and Moving help from professionals like Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata and leave your worry for a good.

Decided on the boxes now when you pack them wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper so they won't rub against each other and create a scratch or damage the box you can also fill any vacant space with the newspaper balls or old cloths, blankets or towels.

For treadmill.

Moving large equipment is exercise in itself, but using the right technique you can make it less daunting. Thoroughly wipe and unplug your treadmill, make sure all wires are disconnected from the walls. When you are going for lifting find a few helpers and fold and lock it into a place in upright position. Once folded then wrap your treadmill in #moving blanket to avoid any damage.

Treadmills are heavy so for moving it to the moving truck we recommend you get some moving dolly or hand trucks having wheels to make the work the easy, also while lifting it on hand truck or any other moving equipment make sure you know the moving techniques of lifting like don't put any pressure on back lift with your legs, for more details check out #Packers and #Movers guide. Now carefully roll it forward make sure the way is clear and with the help of assistant hoist it up on moving truck.

For elliptical.

Elliptical can be tricky to move than treadmill due to it's bulky shape. Using wrench and screw driver disassemble the elliptical pedals and handlebars, and make sure to keep the screw and bolts in clear and labelled zip lock or any bag. Once it's disassembled it will become light weight and easy to handle, still don't forget to cover it up in moving blanket. Before disassembling make sure you know the steps.

For stationary bike.

People are preferring to have spin at home rather than going out due to many reasons like pollution traffic and suitability of time, thankfully moving them is also that much flexible. If you have electric bike make sure to unplug all the plugs and secure them in one place. Before you move your bike make sure to place something underneath the bicycle to avoid any scratches. Once you gotten the bike to truck with the help of two or three people lift it on the truck, also cover it in moving blanket so to avoid any dust.

For yoga mat.

#Pack your yoga accessories like yoga blocks, towels and gym blankets in a box sturdy enough to handle them till the move is complete. Now roll your yoga mat and secure it with carrying strap to save the space. Also if you can find any box in which it can fit its good but don't forget to cover it up in moving blanket and secure it with strap.

Your friends are not available on the moving day, don't worry get your assistance from Movers and Packers in Hooghly and make your move safe and sound.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Packers And Movers Kolkata Ways To Relocate Plants In New Home Via Car

There are few things that we have nervous about moving it can be your precious imported plant when I was moving my orchid plant from one place to another place, this is the first plant which is managed to stay intact or you can say alive for 6 months, you can understand my anxiety how I am going to make it travel in my car between the moving boxes will it able to hold 24 hour travel or not, I was an rookie not had enough knowledge about #moving in car and #top of that how to move a plant in it.

Packing and moving by car is tough and adding some of your sensitive belonging into it is even harder. But unless you are planning to leave behind your plant you have to figure out a way for #transporting your plant safely and efficiently to your new home.

There are few tips which I learnt From my moving experience and gonna share this with you today through this Kolkata Packers and Movers guide.

Create an inventory:

You can't just load the plant in the back seat like you can do with the remaining packing material you have to plan before you load them. See what you have in your garden prepare a inventory of plant you wanna bring along. Depending on your moving vehicle you are little restricted on your inventory items. There is high chance that you have to leave behind some outdoor, huge or tall plant. Firstly figure out what you wanna move then get specifics of moving them.

Look at the laws:

See where you are heading doesn’t have any type of restriction or law on bringing a particular plant, to see the details check out the state site or try to search online. Local Packers and Movers in Kolkata have required material for relocating your belongings safely to the destination.

Local Packers And Movers Kolkata


New home for remaining plants:

It's sad to leave your plant behind but we can’t leave them to wither or die, if your neighbour friend or family is happy to give shelter to the plants you are not able to shift then call them you can also ask #local hospital, nursery and old age home do they accept plants.

How to prepare your plants:

Try to keep up the with routine like watering them on time, feed them if required, trim off dead leaves or branches. Try to put some extra effort before your move because the healthier plant can survive this relocation period successfully, so following the normal routine on pace can keep them energetic and help them to fight the Relocation stress. If you are planning to move tall and outdoor plants too you better take professionals help, Packers and Movers in Kolkata helps in plant relocation too, whether for long distance or for short.

Gather some supplies:

Boxes are not only great for moving your household goods but for moving your plants too, by boxing them up you can safe your car from dirt spilling also pack small and medium plant together but for large one choose one box per plant. Remember when you bought the plant only their roots were wrapped in polybag or by other mean, follow the same you only need base to jeep soil and roots intact you don't mean to pack the whole plant.

For keeping your plant sturdy during the transportation use some padding between the spaces of individual pot, so they won't knock each other during the travel. Wanna know more awesome moving tips check out Packers and Movers site.

How to load them up.

Your plant should be the last thing you load in your car, make sure they have access to sunlight but not direct, also don't put anything over them or in as lacking way near them which can trip over. If you are moving during summer make sure you water them on #moving day but enough don't overload them because doing that can ruin the moving box and will make the plant heavy as well and can lead to some pest as moisture will not escape. During winter stop watering the plant 2 days before the move because moisture and cold waves are the bad mixture for plant's life.

Be mindful:

After loading your plant on car you can’t just forget them see them time to time, don't turn on the A.C or heater on full try to keep the temperature comfortable as much as you can.

After arriving at your new :

Take your plant out of the car as soon as you arrive at your destination, when you feel relaxed find a suitable place where you wanna set what plant dig a trench, and make sure you wet it before putting your plant in there. Also while choosing the site remember to be mindful of sunlight.

If you can't move the plant in your car then either ask professionals to help or move your whole belongings in moving truck you can make it a DIY move or if you are not confident you can ask #Packers and #Movers in #Kolkata to help you out.