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Turning To A New Home; Must Knew These Tips To Pull Your Security Bond Back Fully

Whether you’re living an apartment or in a house rented; it’s legally suggested to take some security amount from the renter as a bond and also making it on legal paper with some terms and conditions for the renter so during your journey and after you’re living it everything will be counted including the damages, fines and etc. and thus this will all be deducted from your security bond. 

But remember if it’s your own house then obviously security term will not exist for you; however with some situation or condition if you’re planning to sell your house and buy in different location then Packers and Movers Kolkata will advise you to just pack-up your household stuffs and start your life with new hope and surrounding without worrying about your property sale and money unless if you need it like badly. Many people we’ve seen selling their houses and thus buying some small house due to loan, medical cases or sometimes with different reasons. But if decided to move then Movers and Packers in Kolkata will suggest you to keep clam for few months until you get free from basic work and now can arrange an occasion ceremony or can find a right buyer to right price. Because selling in hurry can harm you as the buyer will try to negotiate as much your house values and thus he’ll earn profit and you’ll get loss. So stay calm for few months or even weeks until that make sure to be in contact with top brokers to find right buyer with right price quotation.

Okay so coming back to the point if living on rent; your landlord will definitely pay back the whole bond amount only when you’ve not destruction, destroys and illegal activity and police meetings during the time you live there; because everything is counted in this bond or else can be change according to the custom follow there. 

Top and professional packers and movers in Kolkata will tell you the things which you should must do before leaving your rented house to get the fully bond back.

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Things to do before walking-out from rental house

Here, are the real, practical points to focus on if you really want your security bond back fully.

1. Must inspect your rental contract

Local Packers and Movers Kolkata recommends you to go through your contract papers for once, to know up to when it’s over. Shifting to house can be planned to any date of any month, but what if you’re contract has a limit for few more months or up to the next month or even its ending in the same month or tomorrow. Anything can happen so household shifting services in Kolkata suggest you to inspect your rental contract paper to know when it’s ending and if ending too late or fast immediately contact to your landlords or the broker through which you came. Clear the things make them be aware you’ll be shifting so that before you shift they could easily arrange someone else to live. Because many times your laziness and careless behavior landlords indeed get angry and can deduct some amount from your security bond even a complete month rent because you haven’t mention them before. So make sure you notice them as well the broker too.

2. Pay the entire remaining utility bills

Of course the landlord is not gonna pay your bills or else he will just deduct from the bond and even can make a complaint against you; now this will directly affects your repudiation and also with any legal complaint against you it will be hard to find a job, house in good area and in good company. After all police verification has been in both the cases. So better is to pay your remaining bills.

3. Heal the illness and wounds

 If you’ve broken or damage any wall, furniture or shelves in house then please make them heal on time, before the landlord refuse to pay the entire security bond and thus charge you back for some extra if needed. Movers and Packers in Kolkata will suggest you to review the house, see the damages even to lights, fans, windows, pipes, ceiling and floors. Make them get heal on time which don’t disturb you while packing and moving. Also make sure if any of the wound was already present before you arrive and not done by you then intimate the landlord about such immediately at the right moment to avoid any confusion on the leaving day. any of time you feel any items if got damaged because of its years of use not your mistake then immediately make this get notice to your landlord and must take an image and send them for a proof; so that they won’t charge this from you.

Also clean the complete house or apartment before leaving, as getting it ready for someone else like now you’re moving again.

4. Take off your wholly possessions

Do not left any of the furniture piece or item in house if it’s your, leave it if it’s not yours. A very simple and clear strategy Packers and Movers in Kolkata will want you to follow.

What to do when your landlord refuse to pay fully?

If you’ve done some damages or work against the norms set on the contract paper and yet don’t time to heal it or cover it; because of moving then make a settlement with your landlord. Obviously he will deduct some amount but when it’s your mistake then it’s your loss.

What if your landlord is not ready to even negotiate, then it’s time to take some legal measures.

Write a demand letter: set up your demands, detail the reasons must specify that you both are unable to reach any conclusion so this way has been done.

Take this issue to court: every city has small courts where little arguments are get solved legally when two people are just unable to reach any conclusion and decision favorable to both. You can reach there if your landlord if refusing you to pay your security bond back fully or half deducting the damages cost.

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